Board of Directors

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Chairman, Maria Hoagland

Serves one year, conducting monthly board meetings and directing Storymakers, Inc. (voted in by the board)

Chair-Elect, Chelsea Hale

Serves one year, assisting the chair, and then a second year taking over as the chair (voted in by the board)

Finance Chair, Lori Parker

Serves two years, overseeing and coordinating all the organization's financial matters (appointed by the board)

Secretary, Tifani Clark

Serves one year, with the option of extending to two years, taking minutes of monthly board meetings, making and posting agendas, and recording the history of the group (voted in by members)

Conference Committee Chair, Ranee Clark

Serves one year, coordinating all aspects of the annual Storymakers Conference with the help of a committee (appointed by the board).

Communications Chair, Lucinda Whitney

Serves one year, with the option of extending to two years, overseeing the website and any other online presence, as well as coordinating media publicity efforts and community outreach efforts (appointed by the board)

Membership Chair, Shelly Brown

Serves one year, with the option of extending to two years, overseeing Membership, including determining eligibility, inviting and/or adding new members to the group, verifying payments and dues, and maintaining a current membership list (appointed by the board)


Whitney Awards President, Amy Wilson

Appointed by the board after recommendation by the previous awards president. Must have already served on the Whitney Awards committee in the past. Serves one to two years, overseeing and coordinating the entire Whitney Awards program, including their finances and planning and executing the Whitney Awards Gala. (Special Note: The Whitney Awards President and the members of the Whitney Awards Committee are ineligible to win a Whitney Award for the year/s they serve.)

At Large Representatives, JoLyn Brown and Jared Quan

Serve one year to represent the interests of the members of the organization, bringing any and all ideas or concerns from the general membership to the attention of the board and making certain agenda items and board meeting minutes are posted for members to view (voted in by the members)

SMIAH Chair, Tamara Heiner

Appointed by the board as the representative for the Storymakers Indie Author Hub Conference. Serves one year.