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Join us for the Storymakers Conference in Provo, Utah! May 12th-13th, 2017 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. Registration begins January 23rd, 2017. We have new Thursday Workshops, an amazing lineup of editors and agents, and a few more new and exciting tidbits to share. To stay on top of the current news, check out the conference Facebook page.

Our Mission

Our purpose as an organization is three-fold: to encourage and support fellow writers, strengthen literacy in our communities, and raise the quality of Latter-Day Saint literature. For these reasons, we strive to reach out to aspiring authors and help them improve their craft to the point of publication. We believe that the more people become comfortable with a pen and a book, the more civilized our society will grow.


New Releases!

Spinster and Spice by Rebecca Connolly
Sands of Eppla by Janeal Falor
Always You by Lucinda Whitney
Running from the Dark by Tifani Clark
Red Prince by Jared Garrett
Myths and Mortals by Charlie N. Holmberg
ABC See, Hear, Do 5: Sight Words by Stefanie Hohl
A Proper Scandal by Esther Hatch
Plague by Gregg Luke
Murder in Copper by Virgil Alexander
Deputy Allred & Apache Officer Victor Series by Virgil Alexander
Miss Adeline's Match by Joanna Barker
The Paradox of Love by Teri Harman
The FBI Bride, An Undercover Bridesmaid Romance by Kimberley Montpetit
Finding Anne de Bourgh by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen
A Song for the Stars by Ilima Todd
Rescuing Lord Inglewood by Sally Britton
Immediately Wanted: Fiancée by Jo Noelle
Suddenly Required: Bride by Jo Noelle
Match for the Mayor by Jo Noelle
Love Again at the Heart of Main by Meg Easton (Peggy Eddleman)
A Kiss at Midsummer by Meg Easton (Peggy Eddleman)
Her British Billionaire Best Friend by Chelsea Hale
Hart to Heart with the Billionaire by Chelsea Hale
By Heart and Compass by Danielle Thorne


The Storymakers membership overwhelmingly voted in support of new avenues of membership. Visit our how to join page and see if you meet the requirements to become part of the Storymakers Author Guild.


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2020 Storymakers Conference

2020 Storymakers Conference in Provo, UT

May 7-9 at the Utah Valley Convention Center.

Registration opens in January.

Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Welcome Jared Quan, At Large Co Chair!

Jared Quan is a video game addict and writer published in genres from Spy-Thriller to Horror/Supernatural, to Fantasy-Comedy. His work includes Ezekial’s Gun, Changing Wax, Classified, Pathological Passion, (Futuristic/Romance/Steampunk, which he co-wrote with his wife), Prepped, and more.

He has extensively served the community in key leadership roles from the President for the League of Utah Writers, Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan, Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance, Big World Network, West Jordan Arts Council, Association of IT Professional Utah Chapter serving on the Utah Poet Laureate Selection Committee, as well as serving as a general volunteer for countless events and organizations.

Jared has twice received the Gold Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States for his over 1,500 hours of service to the writing community from 2015 to 2017. He has also received recognition and awards from the Governor and Lt. Governor of Utah for his volunteering.

He lives in Eagle Mountain with his supportive wife and five children.

Shoot with him under his gamer tag and twitch channel, Resadur164, or join him for a volunteer project by emailing him at Jaredquan@gmail.com.

Storymakers Book Spotlight

Finding Liberty (Almost a Billionaire Book 4) by Bridget E. Baker

Billionaire heiress Brekka Thornton is headed for Olympic fame and glory until a car accident destroys all her plans. She redirects her efforts toward conquering the business world with her brother Trig, closing the door on her old life without a backward glance. 

An IED blast sends Rob Graham back to the US with a purple heart and a broken back. After a miraculous recovery, he returns home to find that his dad needs him to run the family business. Rob never hesitates, even though he hates car sales more than pop up ads. 

When Brekka’s brother proposes to Rob's best friend, their paths are destined to cross at the upcoming wedding. Even so, Rob isn't prepared for Brekka to roll into his life and turn it inside out. Brekka takes Rob to task for slighting her brother, but he’s distracted by her flashing eyes and captivating dimple. He can’t bear the thought of watching her leave his office, so Rob asks her to dinner. 

Brekka hasn’t been on a date since the car accident, and Rob’s quick wit and winning smile unnerve her. She resolves to head home and duck back into hiding where the world is safe. Rob ought to let her go. He isn't nearly good enough for the highly educated Brekka, but he didn’t become a Marine by quitting when things look bleak. 

Can love mend these two broken spirits, or will the weight of the past shatter them beyond repair? 

How To Speak Boy by Tiana Smith

Quinn and Grayson have been fierce speech and debate rivals for years. They can't stand one another, either in competition or in real life. 

But when their AP Government teacher returns their school assignments to the wrong cubbies, they begin exchanging anonymous notes without knowing who the other is. 

Despite their differences, the two come together through their letters and find themselves unknowingly falling for the competition. Before the state tournament, the two of them need to figure out what they want out of life, or risk their own future happiness. After all, what’s the point of speech and debate if you can't say what's in your heart? 

Loving Like Jane by Connie Sokol

Allie’s dream of writing a best-selling novel for a top literary agent is finally coming true. Except, she has already agreed to go on a bucket list Jane Austen Tour for three weeks with her newly-divorced aunt and widowed mother. To complicate matters, Allie can’t decide what the Best Novel Ever idea should be, and the first three chapters are due in, what else, three weeks. Determined to buckle down, Allie devotes her time to writing while refusing to engage in the trip’s delights, or gorgeous but enigmatic Beckett, the assistant tour director. Despite her attempts to stay focused, Allie is drawn to Beckett's quick wit, Jane Austen wisdom, and deciding if his help will further her dreams or get in the way. Join Allie on her inspiring, hilarious, and romantic adventure as she learns how loving like Jane Austen creates unexpected changes that could lead to the life she loves.